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"Open Carry Law" for Weapons



 To:       Long Beach Businesses &

             Private Property Owners with Public Access


From:   Asst. Chief Alan L. Bond


Subject:  New State of Mississippi “Open Carry Law” for Weapons


As a courtesy, we would like for you to be aware that effective July 01, 2013, it will be lawful for a person to possess and carry a weapon such as a knife, revolver, pistol, shotgun, or rifle on or about their person in open view. The new law states that as long as the weapon is not “hidden or obscured from common observation”, and is “wholly or partially visible” and not “concealed” it is permissible.


As a result of this new law, a person may enter your business or private property with public access, with a weapon in plain view, for instance, a gun in a holster on their belt. The new law does not restrict you as a private business or property owner from prohibiting firearms on your property or in your business. If you prefer that citizens not enter your business or property while practicing their lawful right to “open carry,” you must make notification to them. This can be accomplished by posting signs such as “No firearms on premises,” or discretely approaching each individual and advising them that firearms are not allowed and requesting that they take the firearm back to their vehicle.


The new law does not allow for a person to brandish or wield the weapon in a threatening manner, create a disturbance, or use the weapon in an unlawful act.


Please feel free to contact me if the Long Beach Police Department can be of any assistance to you.  


Alan L. Bond

Assistant Chief

Long Beach Police Department

P.O. Box 929

Long Beach, MS 39560


FAX: 228-863-1557

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